Almost too busy to write

Backbone, Angular, React . . . the frameworks and libraries keep coming by the shovel full and my classmates and I read, digest, and implement them in daily. We are magicians who conjure computer code into user ready products. This has been the pace for the last 7 weeks. I have just enough time to sleep and study and begin a new sprint every two days.

Sprints are how we learn. Every other morning we are given access to a GitHub repository with 24 hours of classwork. The sprints have enough material to keep the average computer coding student busy for a week. But none of the students at Hack Reactor are average. We complete the sprints in two days–days which are filled with lectures and one-hour chunks of time carved out for writing algorithms preparing for job interview questions.  It is intense.

The rewards are just as intense as the class material. Autonomy and the ability to solve problems methodically are becoming second nature. Software projects that I used to say ‘how the hell am I going to do that?” are now things I say “give me an hour and I will have it done.” I call it the awesome factor. Hack Reactor trains women and men in awesomeness.

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