Week Three

It is amazing how much ground my class has covered in three weeks, granted we work over 12 hours a day.

We learned the Backbone.js library earlier this week, which is an extremely abstract framework at first glance, making the entire learning process arduous. Next, we jumped into React which is by far my favorite library so far (thanks Facebook). Using React the class separated into pairs and built our own versions of YouTube, which we propagated with data from the Google API. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing funny cat videos to life in a project. Well, except for 8 hours of uninterruptedĀ sleep and good barbecue.

Today we start Data Driven Documents or D3 as it is known in the industry. I have limited past experience with this library so I look forward to diving a lot deeper into it.

Sleep is still a thing that I used to get. And my social life is nil. However, my spirits are high, my comprehension of web development and its technologies is growing exponentialy.

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